Farsite Game Review

Farsite Game Review – Fun, Challenging & Beautiful Scifi Space Exploration Game

Do you play video games? Are you looking for a new game to invest your time in? If so, then I have the perfect game for you!

Farsite is an amazing space exploration game that has been created with blockchain technology.

You can buy and sell items on the marketplace and use them to explore planets and galaxies. The best part about this game is that it’s 100% decentralized.

There are no servers or admins involved – everything runs off of peer-to-peer networking that guarantees fairness and transparency.

This makes it much more difficult for hackers to interfere with gameplay since hacking requires a centralized server presence.

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What is Farsite DeFi MMO?

Farsite is a blockchain-powered MMO RTS game with elements of adventure and sci-fi storytelling.

The setting is in the Farsite Galaxy, where players take on the role of Battlers and collect resources to craft items. Players can also create items that are put in the blockchain. The interface is amazing and very easy to use.

Enter the Farsite, a persistent virtual universe with a player-owned and player-controlled economy running in an environment where trust is unnecessary.

Every item is created by a player using in-game materials and resources.

To create any item in the game, players first need to find a schematic, components, and resources. Items in the game are made from items found during mining on asteroids and planets or purchased from others.

How does Farsite Game work? Overview: Farsight is a blockchain NFT game, where the assets within are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Anytime you would like to decide on an operation that requires resources — such as credits or FAR tokens — these can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

All in-game transactions happen through the Ethereum network, Polygon, and ZK Relay.

How to get started in Farsite Game

You can join now for free and get a ship to start by signing up here. You will get a free ship by using my link.

Once you register make sure to do all the airdrop rewards to earn an extra ship, I have a full video detailing how to do that.

Career Paths in Farsite

There are many ways to play Farsite, and players are encouraged to make their own decisions. Here are some career paths.


Deliver goods to earn the resources you need to stay alive and complete your contracts. Purchase Modules for your Spaceship or hire Fighters to protect you in less secure areas.


Acquire an area of land on a planet and set up your Base to mine and extract resources that are essential for every in-game item. Sell them to players in auctions.


Gain the ability to craft Components, Modules, and Ships. Become a master of rare items for higher margins. Collect resources by mining or renting facilities, and use blueprints to create items.


Become a Pirate or Mercenary to battle and trade across the galaxy. Form Fleets and find partners with the Corps.


Explore the vast universe and find exotic Materials. Travel stars to find an asteroid, comet, or odd anomaly. The stories you’ll be able to tell about your adventures will be priceless!


You’ll have the ability to control a star and reap credits from every transaction within that space. Mercenaries for hire can take over Corporations to make them develop their territory


Find and recruit new players to help get started. This career path offers a lifetime share in Credits from every action the player performs.


Start by opening a corporation with an alliance and defining your objectives, then start recruiting members, managing their roles, curating contractors, and building credits.


Trade freely and profitably by buying low, transporting goods where they are in the most demand, and selling at a higher rate. To reduce risks and also maintain the balance of power, players should work as contractors or mercenaries to negotiate with manufacturers for a monopoly.

Farsite Interface review

The Farsite game is looking so clean with its fast interface. The user can easily navigate and explore the map without having to wait for any load time, it’s just smooth as butter!

Farsite is in a very early access stage of development so there are only a few features implemented yet the look is really futuristic and makes you feel like you are traveling to other galaxies.

You can also build your own base, customize it and defend yourself against invaders! Your base will also help you mine resources to continue to prosper!

The power of the game is in its community: all you need to do is an alliance and start chatting with other gamers who want to be involved.

Farsite Game Review

To play Farsite just head over to the website and sign up. The content explaining everything they have posted is so good.

I am seeing major social activity with people who share the site and just want to play this new space game and just can’t wait for this NFT game.

That will work on ETH, Matic, and ZK. Eth makes this game possible and this being on the web makes the services reachable for the entire internet, all you have to do is open a browser.

I am not the only one who is excited about this new game.

The entire crypto community is ready for a new space adventure and I know there will be plenty of people looking forward to playing Farsite!

NFT is the future, to elaborate, it’s a blockchain technology that represents ownership of a virtual, digital or physical asset.

For those not in the know, we’ll break it down for you: Farsite is an open source decentralized space game that uses NFT’s which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens.

The game is still in early development, but the team has created their own blockchain and a decentralized virtual world where they will eventually be able to play Farsite.

This space game uses tokens that represent ownership of any type of asset including spaceships and blueprints! Once you own one of these the NFT will appear in your wallet.

This means that when you buy these digital items they are yours.

That’s everything! I hope to see you in-game, to support me please use my link here to join, and maybe we can start an alliance in the future!

Want More? Here is my full video review:

3 thoughts on “Farsite Game Review – Fun, Challenging & Beautiful Scifi Space Exploration Game

  1. Very promising project. I’m very happy to be part of community. And looking forward to announcements and updates 🙂

  2. All created items will be ERC-721 tokens, or NFTs. That means that players can use them freely, trade them with other players or simply sell them in any marketplace. With limited resources in the virtual universe, demand will increase. This demand will inevitably turn certain locations into hotspots, and there will be a struggle for power and control.

    Gamers are also free to take on any role they see fit. They could be transporting goods between stations and planets, providing a service to other players. The diverse variety of strategies allows players to be anything from a miner, a manufacturer, or an explorer to a space pirate or the governor of a whole Constellation.

    What’s interesting about the NFTs in Farsite, is that the game features cNFTs or Collateralized Non-Fungible Tokens. This is a new standard for collateral staking that allows gamers to borrow money against in-game assets. This would for example make sense if players need a loan to acquire resources or as an insurance when a spaceship gets damaged.

    Moreover every Ship will have some Credits stacked to operate, that will be redeemed if a player decides to dismantle the Ship or if it is destroyed in combat. As mentioned above, players can use Credits to trade resources and components or convert them to FAR to trade on external exchanges for ETH.

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