Farsite Crate Opening!

I couldn’t wait for this day to come and open up some Farsite crates which are mostly sold out at the time of this writing. If you haven’t heard of this game I did a Farsite Game Review you can check out as well.

I think I did very well with the crate that I purchased. I purchased the.05ETH crate as that is all I can afford at this time. I would have loved the .25 crate but recently I put some money into another game so couldn’t use that.

I think the launch went well with the store and was able to link the wallet. I didn’t see a way to disconnect your wallet which I hope they change that in the future or allow you to sync more than one wallet as I have money all over the place lol.

I did have to hit F5 several times but I was able to get everything, and overall the stats of what I got looked really good. Here is the video!

Let me know how you did on the comments of the video. I know they can be a bit expensive but I’m sure you will see them for even more on open sea as it is already getting flooded, however images don’t seem to be working so it’s very hard to see what is what.

For now I’m going to hold on to what I got (shown in video) – I’m glad I got a ship that is 1 of 60 that will ever exist (source).

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