Farsite Planet Sector

Farsite Planet Sector Acquisition! (Buying Land)

Woke up early to a discord mention that we can purchase sectors of planets today. I was beyond excited and very confused what to do as I was not prepared for this.

The servers were in maintenance mode so at this point my mission was to block out the rest of the world and focus on learning as much as I can before the servers come up. 

Discord was great, was a lot of nice SMART people that were helping me with all my annoying questions. Yes, I’m one of those that is like ok…one more question…ten questions later.

Between Discord and this article from Farsite team on early sector acquisition.

Now I’m all set, I am armed with all the info I need. Now I want to buy some sectors…but I don’t have enough credits. Yes, land isn’t free!

What can I do, I’m not spending thousands on Open Sea so the only other idea was to burn my beautiful ships. I had 2 from crates and ships to fall apart over time but not land.

Everyone was hyping me up in Discord so I decided to go for it, I am going to keep my 300,000 credit ship but say goodbye to my 1,000,000 credit ship.

If you saw my last article when we opened Farsite crates you will know how much I love that FIRST EDITION ship. RIP.

Now I am armed with credits and I have a bit of a strategy. I can get two spots of land but I’m not going for the cheapest as I feel everyone will go directly for that and it will sell out. 

A single moment of not finding the star can be enough to lose out. I’m going to go for the second cheapest which was about 580k I believe. 

The good thing is I got it all on video if you would rather digest the content that way:


As the servers came up I started quickly hitting F5. I did have a decent plan already because I noticed the Farsite Club link came up before the official site. 

I mainly used it to get information, didn’t want to chance that what I would do would be wiped away, going to wait till maintenance is officially over.

Well, we got the land and we even got the best places on the planet as the ones we bought had 5 resources instead of 4. I also purchased them on the same planet as I feel there will be no travel to transport materials.

This will probably save a lot of credits in game as I can mine it on one spot and then refine it on another. If mining resources runs low I can switch possibly.

Instead of me talking about the spots I got why don’t I show you!

Buying Sectors on Farsite

There we go! The green area is my home! I’m so excited for this game! If you have yet to sign up for Farsite what are you waiting for?

You can play this game for free, and if you join with my link you will get a free ship! To get a free ship click here and sign up.

Make sure to do Air Drops and get more stuff for you ship.

There is still more sectors for sale but if you haven’t already got crates you won’t be able to play this “alpha” unless you purchase a crate on Open Sea. Make sure to have an account first if you want to do that.

This project has me excited, since I played 0xUniverse it was an amazing game but wasn’t as smooth as this one is. I hope they continue on this way.

In closing I would just like to say …RIP Ship! I hope it was worth the two plots of land I got in it’s place. We will see if this post ages well.

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