Fortnite Voice Chat not Working PC

Fortnite Voice Chat not Working PC – FIX!

Issue: Fortnite Voice Chat not Working PC – FIX!


Fortnite Voice Chat not Working PC Fix 2018! If your microphone or speaker are not working this will show you how to fix voice chat in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

The video below will help you fix Fortnite Voice Chat PC quickly and if you would like to see any other of my fixes and tutorials here is a link to my YouTube channel.

This tutorial is for Windows 10 and helps you make sure the correct devices are enabled.  Therefore, please follow it and you will be back talking in Fortnite Battle Royale in not time getting those wins!

Watch Resolution:

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    Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working PC – FIX

    Sometimes the voice chats for Fortnite on PC stops working even when your headset or speaker is in mint condition. It is common for voice chats to stop working when the speaker or headset connected to a PC is faulty. Sometimes the problem comes from a technical issue and not the hardware parts. 

    It is easier to fix hardware malfunctions than fix technical malfunctions because damaged hardware is simple to replace. Windows users can fix voice chats by changing a few settings configurations to ensure seamless communication with other gamers. This article will provide two options for improving voice chat, not working on PC or Windows 10. 

    What are Common Voice Chat Problems that Gamers Face?

    Most gamers face a technical problem with their communication gear at one point or another when playing Fortnite. The problem can be that a player can hear other players, but no one hears you. Alternatively, a player cannot hear other players, but other players on Fortnite can listen to you. 

    Communication is a transmission of data from a sender to a recipient. Therefore, players use a speaker and records (in layman language) for the communications process. 

    When one end isn’t working appropriately, a problem arises, and players cannot communicate efficiently using the voice chat option.

    How to fix Voice Chat Not Working on PC

    There are two solutions to voice chats that do not work on a PC. Both options are in the audio settings of your PC. It would be best to only attempt the solutions below after trying solutions for voice chats on Fortnite itself. 

    Ensure that you have the right Fortnite voice chat settings before you attempt to change the audio settings on your PC in an attempt to get your voice chats working again. 

    Step 1: Turn Off Voice Chat in Fortnite

    Start by turning the voice chat option off Fortnite before you make any changes on your PC. Turning off the chat settings ensures that the chat option adopts the new PC settings when you turn it on. 

    It removes the need to turn off the computer and turn it on to see whether the game uses the new settings. 

    • Launch Fortnite on your PC.
    • Click on Menu and select the Settings option. 
    • Select the audio icon.
    • Go to Voice Chats and turn off the option. 
    • Check the Push to Talk option to ensure that it off. Turn it off if you find it is on. 
    • Go back and leave the game. 

    Step 2: Launch the PC Audio Display Box

    You need to access your PC’s audio settings to change several settings to favor your gaming experience. PC audio settings vary, and they support various audio devices at once. 

    When you do not prioritize your microphone or headset, your settings can interfere with communications on Fortnite. 

    • Search ‘Sound’ on the PC’s Start Menu. 
    • Click on the Sound Option. 
    • A display option will appear. 

    Step 3: Change Playback Settings 

    Playback settings are responsible for relaying voice communications to you. You need to change playback settings when you cannot hear other players when you are on Fortnite. 

    Turning on multiple audio devices on the playback option can interfere with your voice chats on Fortnite. 

    • On the Audio Display box, select the Playback tab. 
    • Right-click on the speaker or headset that you are using. 
    • Select the ‘Set as default’ option.
    • Right-click, the speaker you are using the second time. 
    • Select the ‘Set as communication device’ option. 
    • Right-click on all the other speakers or headsets on the list and disable them. 

    When you right-click on the speaker of your preference, there should be a tick before the ‘Default’ option and the ‘Set as Communication Device’ option. 

    Disabling all the other speakers and headsets ensures that all communication through your PC focus on the speaker or headset you choose. It prevents the PC from transmitting communications through a speaker that is not on or another headset. 

    Step 4: Change of Recording Settings 

    Recording settings are responsible for relaying communications with other players. You need to adjust the recording settings when other players cannot hear you on Fortnite. 

    Therefore, your voice isn’t being captured from your end. You need to select a specific microphone or headset dedicated to all your communications for voice chats. 

    • On the Audio Display box, select the Recording tab. 
    • Right-click on the microphone or headset of choice. 
    • Select the ‘Set as default’ option.
    • Right-click the microphone or headset of choice the second time. 
    • Select the ‘Set as communication device’ option. 
    • Right-click on all the other speakers, microphones, or headsets on the list and disable them. 

    Disabling all the speakers or headsets creates a dedicated channel for all voice chats when you are on Fortnite. 

    Step 5: Test Voice Chat

    After making the necessary changes on either Playback or Recording settings, you need to turn on the Voice Chats feature on Fortnite. Send an invite to a friend and test whether you will be having a seamless conversation on Fortnite. 

    Testing voice chats after any changes are imperative to ensure that you have solved the challenges that you were having.

    How Long Does It Take to Fix Voice Chat Not Working on PC?

    Overall, it should take you 10-15 minutes to perform the processes above and resolve your PC’s voice chat challenges. You need to ensure that you have steady power before you begin the process. 

    You can choose to restart the PC if you have the time, but it is not necessary. The method above fixes a technical aspect of voice chat challenges for Fortnite players using a PC. 

    You may have to restore the audio settings that you changed on the PC if you use it for other purposes requiring a different speaker or headset than the one you use when gaming. 

    Overall, you should also check whether the new settings are compatible with your other audio uses of the PC.

    What If It Doesn’t Work?

    You need to ensure that you check your hardware to ensure that nothing is broken and well connected. A faulty microphone or speaker may be the source of your communication problems, and changes in PC audio settings won’t fix that. 

    Also, check the communication input and output connections to ensure that they are correct. Confirming the links is essential if you are not the only user of the PC. 

    Alternatively, you can try to change the audio settings in Fortnite to see whether it will solve the problem. You should also check your internet signal’s strength as it can affect the transmission of voice chats. 

    A poor internet connection can lead to a disconnection of voice chats or loss of communications.


    Gamers who use a PC to play Fortnite can experience voice chat communication challenges that arise from the PC’s settings. Streamlining PC audio settings to a dedicated speaker, microphone, or headset can solve most of your voice chats problems. 

    However, you will still have to ensure that none of your hardware is faulty before changing your PC settings. It is imperative to be considerate about other users who share the PC when changing the settings. 

    You may want to inform other users of the devices or speakers for audio output or input. 

    Overall, changing the PC settings to create a dedicated channel for your gaming communication gear streamlines audio transmission. You don’t need any technical expertise to perform the necessary changes. 

    Do not forget to test the changes with a friend on Fortnite to ensure that your voice chats not working on PC are running again.

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