Wrath of Tezca

Wrath of Tezca Gameplay & Review

If you are looking for a play-to-earn crypto blockchain game this is a great one to check out. Wrath of Tezca, as the typing of this article, is still in the early stages but is playable.

The game brings the artwork of World o Warcraft horde with the gameplay of Civilization a turn-based strategy game. Let’s get into it in more detail, shall we!

Wrath of Tezca Gameplay

At this point in development, they do have “instant missions” as placeholders for the final game. Coming in Q3 of 2022 they will have a 3D model version of the game where you will be able to choose your actions in a randomly generated world that is different every time.

Not only that but there will be different types of objectives like:

  • Kill X amount of mobs
  • Last X amount of rounds

To see more information, a chest opening, and future gameplay check this video:

How to Play Wrath of Tezca

First, you would want to visit the website for Wrath of Tezca and log in. You will need a WAX wallet and to stake some WAX to play. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I have a video on how to stake WAX here.

Once you are signed up you will need to get some NFT’s to play. Currently, the best place is to get WoT NFT’s is on Automic Hub.

Start with at least 1 soldier and 1 weapon. The higher the rarity and gear the better but you may not always win if you don’t have many NFT’s.

I can go over all of this but there is already a great guide on how to get started with Wrath of Tezca on medium I suggest you check out.

The whitepaper is also available to download through the discord.

Here are a few other important links to get started:

Wrath of Tezca Land and Crafting Coming Soon

Coming in January of 2022 the first half of the land will be sold with a total of 300 pieces of land this round and 300 pieces in the future, most likely Q3 of 2022. This is going to be prioritized by a whitelist and holding of the Tezcoin.

Crafting will also be making an appearance and you will soon be able to make gear and soldiers out of the material you have received from the instant missions.

Currently, there are 3 types of crafting materials you can earn:

  • Bone Shards
  • Magic Essence
  • Heart Wood

When doing the missions you also do receive a reward of Tezcoin depending on the configuration of the squad, rarity, gear, and land chosen. Tezcoin is also listed on Alcor so you can trade it for WAX both ways.

Wrath of Tezca FAQ’s

Is Wrath of Tezca free to play?

No, it is not free to play as you have to purchase NFT’s to get started. You will however earn Tezcoin and crafting materials after you start to play.

This makes the gameplay earn as you will continue to grow in the game or make your investment back if you sell your items.

When will the main gameplay be released for Wrath of Tezca?

The open beta will start in Q4 of 2022, closed beta in Q3. Don’t forget though there are instant missions until these features are available so you can start playing now to earn.

Is there a strategy behind Wrath of Tezca?

Yes, there is a lot behind the gameplay and if you love numbers you will be able to min/max your way to greatness. If you are not into going this far that is fine, the general rule is the higher the rarity the better you will do.

In Discord, they have a Google sheet that will help you with the calculations and it is very nice of them to share that information.


Wrath of Tezca has great potential. I am investing in this game as I do think it will be successful.

As always do your own research please, I’m not a financial expert I just like playing games and finding ones that are under the radar before they blow up. Just like I did with Clash Royale and Fortnite but now I’m doing it with blockchain games.

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