NFT Panda Review

NFT Panda World of Fantasy Review

NFT Panda is a blockchain game on the WAX network that allows you to send Pandas to go on adventures and even run into some dragons along the way. The game is easy to get started all you need is 1 panda to start, you can simply sign up at

The best thing is if you use the link above you may win yourself a free panda from me! If so it will just show up within a day after you sign up.

How to Play NFT Panda (Maximize Return)

It’s pretty simple, buy an NFT panda or get gifted one from me by using my link. Go into the game and select the hero and bring them into the game. Assign them to slot 1 which is automatically open for you and then you can send them on an adventure every 2 hours to earn some of the BAM coins.

You can invest more and open up more slots if you would like, they start at 30 BAM and then go up 30 BAM each spot afterward. The trick to the game is to try to start with rare pandas if possible. The rare pandas give the biggest boost for the cost and level.

Once you have a panda that you plan on keeping in the spot you will rank them up as you send them on the adventure. You get 1 XP when completing an adventure. When it’s time to rank up you will have to stake some extra BAM but your % of BAM earned goes up the higher the rank you go.

I have a full video tutorial if you want to see some gameplay and find out more tricks:

It’s important to try and get a weapon for each panda as you go. It is an extra amount of BAM you will get every time you go on an adventure.

Keep in mind when ranking up it is important as some missions will require certain levels of rank to enter and find NFTs. They will also require a weapon of a certain rarity, maybe even a rarity of the panda. This is to come so we will see.

If this game sounds good to you make sure you join by using this link we can party and raid together once that feature is out. That way we can all make money (BAM) together. BAM can then be exchanged on Alcor for Wax.

How much Do You Need to Play NFT Panda?

All you need is a common panda to start earning BAM which currently is under $2.00, if you watch Automic hub you maybe even able to get it for around $1.20.

Of course, the less you start with the longer it will take to build up but you just need to keep going, and eventually, you will start earning more and more as you can purchase more pandas with the BAM you earn from sending them on missions. You can unlock up to 20 slots, that’s a lot of pandas earning BAM!

How to Feed NFT Pandas?

To feed them click on the shop, choose the food icon and select the same rarity food as the rarity of the panda. You can buy multiple at once so you don’t have to keep going back and buying more every time they are hungry.

You will see the panda’s health go down it starts at 100% and goes down to 0%, you don’t want to feed them till it hits 0%. It goes down by 10% each time, if you send a panda to go on an adventure at 0% then they have an 80% chance of losing. So make sure not to send at 0%.

How Long Till I Make My Money Back

I have a quick video that talks about the return of investment:

The price on BAM and WAX is always changing so it’s hard to give an exact answer but this video will answer it well for you. Plus don’t forget you can even earn more if instead of withdrawing the BAM you reinvest it back into more slots and more pandas.

The amount of BAM you make compounds and just keeps giving more and more back. Before you know it you will have all slots unlocked with full weapons, at least that is my plan.

I’m really excited for the future of this game and the roadmap looks fun you will even be able to party with others, rent pandas, and, a lottery system.

Final Thoughts

It’s only been 3 months since this game has been out and I’m really enjoying it. The crafting of weapons has a 55% chance of success so it can get a bit frustrating if you get some bad rolls but since you can do this with the BAM you earn more time will give you another shot if you fail.

Pro-tip, when making weapons make sure to use the element and the correct weapon for the class you are playing as it will matter more in future updates.

Does this sound awesome? Of course, check out the game here and I will try to send you a common panda if you are one of the first 50 or I have extra. Click here to play NFT Panda.

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