Castles NFT ROI

Castle NFT ROI – How Much 1 Castle Makes!

Castles NFT is a Wax game that has a great ROI. Currently, at the writing of this article, a single day will net me $20.40. That would be $612.60 every 30 days which is a nice chunk of change. A Castle goes for $1,099.00 on Automic Hub which is about 53 days.

A Castle is the top of the chain but you don’t have to straight out buy one, you can find a Baron much cheaper and over time they produce lands that can equal a Castle one day.

If you are new to Castle NFT, learn all about it here.

How to Come Up With Castle NFT ROI

If you want to see what my current ROI is for my set up I can use a Google Spreadsheet that was created by the community. You can use the Castle ROI Spreadsheet Here.

Simply put the number of lands in the spots and enter the quantity. If you have a Baron make sure to enter that number as well.

The Google Spreadsheet will have 3 tabs at the bottom and it is shared so choose tab 2 or 3 as 1 will be used the most often. It will then generate how much you will make and it will count farms created from Barons and Royale Seals crafted by Castles.

This sheet will pull the information live from the market so it will update as the price of MSource updates as well.

Will Castle ROI Change?

ROI in Wax projects is always changing but the great thing about this game is you can always continue to craft more Castles, especially, if you have a Baron. There will also be limited-time crafting events that will give you bounties from Wonders.

These Wonders can continue to give you passive income in Wax every month and quickly decrease your ROI and increase your profits. It’s up to you at this point if you want to reinvest the profits into more cards to keep the money going up but be mindful and it’s always good to cash out 10% a day.

How To Earn Passive Income in Castles NFT?

The limited-time events are coming soon and you will be able to create a new crafter – the Lumberjack and after that, you will then be able to create the Carpenter. These two crafters will create lumber and fine wood which you can then use to create a Wonder bounty.

At that point, you will earn a percentage of 50% of the sales of that item. For example, the first wonder in Castles will be The Royale Courthouse. This is where people purchase Royale Seals for $5, now 50% of that will all go to the players.

Here is a quick video about it.

Castle NFTs Future is Bright

One of the best things about Castle NFT is it has a great future. The team has already started future plans for more events and the game runs very well.

One of the best things is you don’t have to rush and click a button every hour. You can log in when you are ready and claim your mine. Of course, if you have a Baron or Castle you will want to log in daily about the same time as it is on a 24 hour cool down.

The events will also be on a loop so they will come back to not leave new players in the dark. This way they can build up as well.

New to Castles NFT?

If you are new to Castles NFT don’t worry it’s not too difficult to understand. The main part is you take the land of lower rarity and merge 3 of them together to make the next level land. You also have a small chance of getting 1 land back and a really small chance of getting 2 lands back.

The idea is to build your land all the way up to a castle which will then make daily Royale Seals which can be used in other places in the game like feeding the Baron (and castle). Plus it will also be used in the future for creating other crafters.

This may be a bit confusing but wait till you see it in action, here is a quick video about how to play that will help you out:


Castles NFT has a great ROI and if you invest it back in you can even make more faster! That is what I am currently doing but at some point.

I will start taking 10% profit a week to get back my initial investment then I will continue to grow my lands and crafters. If you are interested in Castles NFT you can click here to go to the game.

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