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Castles NFT Game Review | MetaSource

Castles NFT is a new Wax Blockchain game that brings together teamwork in events to build wonders along with the scarcity of cards to make for an exciting crafting game.

This game has a passive feel to it as you only have to claim when you would like to, however; there is still a lot to do and more to come with events kicking off very often to help secure the rarest of loot!

In this video, I will go over Castles NFT and explain how to play this amazing game. Follow along and I’m sure you will get hooked. You can play Castles NFT here.

How to Play Castles NFT

To play castles NFT you need land to start with or you can get a Baron. Barons are extremely nice because they can create land every 24 hours. This is huge as land can be merged to make better land and grow your kingdom.

For example, you start with a farm, 3 farms will get you a ranch, 3 ranches will get you a village, 3 villages will get you a town, 3 towns will get you a city, and finally, 3 cities will get you a castle! Castles is where it is at as they produce Royale Seals which are needed to power and craft other things in the game.

The Baron does need a Royale Seal every 7 days to refill his land-making abilities. The great thing about the Baron is he has a chance to make it even better than just a farm. He has a 95% chance for farm, 4.5 chance for Ranch, and .5 chance for a Village. Those are great odds when you are pumping out land every 24 hours.

I also have a full video tutorial to show you a bit more about the game

Castles NFT is Not a Clicker Game!

I have to say it this is not a clicker game, don’t get me wrong I’m not against clicker games but it’s nice to have something refreshing where you can play on your own time. Just login maybe daily and collect your sweet MSource which is the token that your land produces passively.

Oh, you know how I love passive income! Then mint a new land with your Baron, merge any lands you have pending – this gives you a chance to create extra lands and increase your income even more!

That is all for a regular day now you can go about your day but keep in mind when that special limited-time crafting events come you will want to be ready so it’s a good idea to know what’s coming and prepare, so we will talk more about what’s coming soon to look forward too…like the Lumberjack!

The Lumberjack!

The Lumberjack will create 2-3 wood NFTs daily which will help you along the way for some of the final shiny goals of building a Wonder. A Wonder is a great building that generates money from within the game’s economy and shares 50% of its earnings with the people that help build it.

For example, the Royale Seal Wonder sells Royale Seals for $5 in Wax. Once the Wonder is completed every time there is a sale for a Royale Seal ($5) then 50% of that ($2.50) will be split among the creators of that wonder, distributed monthly.

Each Wonder Bounty that is crafted or owned by you will count for a share of the earnings.

This will be ongoing until the event loops back again then more people can get a share or you can continue to help it to keep a strong share.

Again, passive INCOME! Let’s GO! Check out how to find your Castle NFT ROI here.

To create the Lumberjack the believed materials will be 2 Royale Seals and 100k MSource. This is subject to change but that is the current idea, you can read all about it on their whitepaper here.

Quick Lumberjack teaser worth checking out.

The Carpenter

The Carpenter will be the next even as they will feed off of the Lumberjacks lumber and create 2-3 fine wood NFTs daily. 12 lumber and 2 Royale Seals will create a carpenter.

This will be the final creator of materials needed to make the Royale Seals Wonder. I don’t think people understand how important it is to get into the game at the start and obtain shares in the Royale Seal Wonder by helping in the crafting events.

Castle NFT Community

The community is great on their Discord channel (click here) they even do giveaways to get you started on your journey to one day owning your very own grand castle!

Castles NFT Wrap Up

If you can tell I am bullish on Castles NFT and it is already hitting towards the top of Nifty and Automic Hub. I feel this game has a very bright future and I’m glad to be in it! I currently have 1 Baron and I’m about to make my first castle in about 5 days.

Castles don’t only have an amazing team behind them but they are also very friendly and care deeply about the game which is very important. If you are interested in Castles feel free to click here and start your adventure today.

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