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Castles Wonder Bounties | All You Need for Passive Income

Castles limited time crafting events have started and this is the first phase of a four-phase strategic way to earn some nice passive income. By completing these and being early to the project you get to start the game off with a bang. Not to mention this process will repeat in the future so if you don’t get in for the first round you can catch it next time it comes around.

In this post, we will break down the 4 phases so you can prepare to make some nice passive income over time but first, we have to explain a bit about what Wonders are. Feel free to check out the full Castles NFT review here.

What are Wonder Bounties?

Bounties are crafted in the game and make up a type of share you get from a certain type of building. These bounties are very valuable as they are tradeable, never expire, and earn income every time the wonder is used for a financial transaction.

Let’s talk about the Royale Courthouse to start. With the Royale Courthouse Wonder any time someone purchases a royale seal for $5, 50% of that goes towards the Royale Bounty “pool”.

This pool is then split up equally to everyone that owns a wonder bounty. For example, let’s pretend only 5 people own this bounty. You would take the $2.50 and split it 5 ways so each person would receive $.50. This bounty is then paid monthly in Wax.

This event will repeat so it’s important to not miss any to get a solid size of the bounty and then to keep up with your percentage as it comes around again. This will provide passive income for you in Wax monthly.

Royale Seals are craftable by others but they are also used for a lot of different things so the demand is there for people to purchase them. Plus you can find them cheaper purchasing them in-game than a second market.

Castles NFT Income

The income in Castles has a few ways to be generated. These bounties are just an extra way to earn. If you are curious about the ROI in Castles NFT we have you covered.

Currently, I’m making a good chunk of profit a day, about $35 daily if I do decide to sell but I am holding onto it for the Wonder Bounties limited-time event. This is where you can craft not 1 but 2 Wonders!

How Castles Limited-Time Crafting Event Works

To give you a good idea I have inserted the picture below for you to look over. It’s basically an event in 4 steps being:

  • Craft Lumberjack
  • Craft Carpenter
  • Craft Royale Courthouse Wonder
  • Craft Explorer’s Guild Wonder

These 4 steps are very important and you can’t miss the first or second one or you won’t be able to complete the third and fourth which is the crafting of the Wonder bounties.

Here is a quick video breakdown of the event to make it a bit clearer how it works.

Explorer’s Guild Wonder

The Explorer’s Guild Wonder is really something. Here you will be able to do missions to send your explorer via land or sea to find more lands. These missions will cost materials generated from the first two steps in this chain – the Lumberjack and the Carpenter.

By land, you will find 2 lands in 2 days and by sea, you will find 4 in 4 days with a chance to score a town as well.

That’s not all though! You can craft the Explorer’s Guild Wonder and earn a new resource. The RuneSource is a new token being introduced for the Explorer’s Guild. If you are able to craft a piece of this Wonder you will then passively earn RSource anytime someone from the Explorer’s Guild completes a mission.

Now, these missions will be available for everyone so you can really just sit back and earn some extra RSource which will then be used more in the future expansion – Dungeons which will be announced about the time we are at this step in the game.

RuneSource Use Case

RuneSource or RSource as we will now refer to it is important for new players that don’t want to collect lands in Castles. It keeps it so new players can still enter the game by sending their explorer in the guild missions and come back with some RSource.

That RSource will then be used for the dungeon expansion. This is very smart as it keeps the game fresh and allows new players to still enter the game and they won’t have to worry all about collecting lands to start.

Once they enter the game they may end up collecting land in the future but this is a great way to get new players to the game as with no new players these games can go stale quickly and Castles NFT doesn’t have to worry about that.

Final Thoughts

Castles NFT has really thought everything through and has a very promising future. Not only that but the value of the items in-game has really increased to the point some of the things I own are over $2,500!

This is still a great game to get into and the new RSource feature it will allow new players to enter. The Bounty system will allow people to earn passively for a long time and that is one reason I am so excited about this game.

If you want to learn more please visit the Castles NFT website or Castles NFT Discord here! See you in the dungeons!

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