Goldmand Review

Goldmand NFT Game Review | Play to Earn

Goldmand is a play-to-earn game on the Wax blockchain that has amazing tokenomics to keep the economy level with all 3 races in the game.

I really believe in this game and think it will easily be one of the top games on Wax for a long time to come and I’m going to explain why.

Let’s first talk about how to play and who this game is for. This game is for anyone that likes to play mining games that add market variations into the mix so if you like math you will love this game.

That’s not saying you have to like math to be good at Goldmand it is fairly quick to pick up and I have lots of videos explaining everything you need to know.

How to Play Goldmand

To play Goldmand first you would want to create an account (and Wax wallet if you don’t have one). To create a Goldmand account click here.

Once you have created an account the next thing you will need is a tool to mine these are available in common, rare, epic, legendary, and artefact. You can see the tools on Automic Hub here.

You will also need to choose a race, there are three that create different things.

  • Sevars – They are extremely strong and pull minerals out of the ground!
  • Alvars – They are super smart and collect energy.
  • Humans – They are hard workers and create food.

Which one to start with? Well, the great thing about this game is it is very balanced and it has mechanisms built in to the game to keep the token prices in line so you choose what you want!

Here is a quick video that goes over how to play Goldmand so you can start earning!

How Goldmand Keeps Tokens Stable

Now that you have an understanding of the game let me explain to you why this game will not collapse as Farmers World will for example.

They have something called the “dumping curse”. If someone tries to sell too much of their resource that race will get hit with a curse and be unable to mine their resource until things go back to normal.

This is so important as it keeps the economy even. When you mine your resource you can sell it to buy the other two resources that you need to consume for the successful mine.

When you sell your resource you get more back so if you do buy the other two resources you can get more of them.

That’s also not including GMD which is the governance token over the project. You will need this for a lot of different things like crafting tools, opening slots, and speeding up crafting time.

If you want to take a look at these resources you can go to Alcor where it all takes place.

How Does Crafting Work in Goldmand

Crafting is another intelligent feature that Goldmand has put much thought into. You can craft higher-level tools by using leftover lower-level tools and adding some resources to get burned.

This is great as the cards will get used up.

Reverse Crafting

Not only that but you can do reverse crafting which I haven’t seen before. You can take a rare card and break it into 2 common tools.

Essentially going backward so you have more tools to work with. Even though I don’t think I would use this there are many people talking about how you can use this to your advantage and make some money with it in their discord.

To join their discord click here. It’s the perfect place to find out extra information, tips, and tricks!

Crafting Length

It does take a while to craft the higher-level tools so you do have to have some patience or spend some extra GMD before the craft. There is so much to talk about with crafting it’s just best to show you.

Here is a quick video to explain it.

What Happens When You Finish 3 Tools

Goldmand comes with 3 tool slots and 2 amulet slots. Amulets are to come but right now we have the tools and if you are able to update them to artefact then is the game done? Nope, not even close.

Staking on Planet

When you stake some of the main resources you mine you gain XP and level up. Ever even level (2 for example) you can unlock a new slot.

This will cost GMD to unlock it.

Renting Slots

Now that you unlocked the slot it cost resources to rent it for a week. It is well worth it though and it scales with the rarity of the tool.

Pro Tip: Keep your higher rarity tools in your first 3 slots.

After the week you will have to pay again but most of the time the renting fee is about a day of mining with the tool. I’m not sure how many you can unlock, to be honest, but I have seen at least another 6 slots.

Goldmand Full Review and Conclusion

Goldmand is ahead of its time and it’s just what Wax needs on their network. People are quickly seeing the potential and some people are earning a lot of money daily.

If you like playing to earn games then Goldmand is the one I would suggest for you. The interface is stunning and reacts very well with all the information you need at your fingertips.

I have to say lots of games get this part wrong but not Goldmand. They got it right from the start and just continue to improve it even more.

There is a huge future with Goldmand they will be adding amulets, land, and even (PvP) Player verse Player battles. It is still early to get in with this game which is always the perfect time to dive in.

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Go check out Goldmand today and get started. Feel free to drop into the discord and tell them I sent you – Kevinsmak.

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