Cosmic Clash NFT Review

Cosmic Clash NFT Game Review | Is It For You?

Cosmic Clash is an NFT blockchain game on the Wax network. Here you will be a starfighter commander guiding your spaceship fleet of five to victory! Along the way, you will earn FGL token as this is a play-to-earn game with a prize leaderboard. Continue to move forward as we voyage through galaxy after galaxy finding new ships to alter our strategy.

If you are interested in Cosmic Clash feel free to check it out here.

How to Play Cosmic Clash NFT Game

To play Cosmic Clash you will first need some spaceships. Each season there are packs available to purchase to create your fleet of ships.

They are also available on Automic Hub. If you are purchasing them and just starting out I recommend not purchasing duplicates as they will power up a single ship and only count for one spot.

This is called stacking, if you have 10 commons of the same ship it will become a level 2 version of that ship. Since you are brand new it is more important to just fill the 5 slots you have first.

Now that you have your 5 ships you can click battle, you will get 5 free battles per day and this is how you can earn FGL token. Now you don’t have to stop at 5 battles a day but after your fifth battle, you will need to pay for them.

The reason people do more battles is so they can move up higher on the leaderboard, you can battle up to 50 times in a single day. You also only win medals after your 5th voyage no FGL token.

I recommend putting your best ships first as it seems to do well for me.

Best Ships in Cosmic Clash


When it comes to NFT games you know the rarity means a lot so let’s talk about the rarity. There are four rarities in all:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

It is not easy to get the epic and legendary ships out of packs but if you do, congratulations! These ships also possess a special ability that can really help you rank up on the leaderboards and earn some awesome ships, blends, and more.

Legendary Black Widow

Blend Tickets

Blends are special tickets you can win that allow you to upgrade a certain amount of ships to the next level. These tickets are given out to winners of the season or weekly prizes.

Seasonal Leaderboard

Each season comes with new ships but not to mention a brand new start at the leaderboards. Here you can win cards, whitelists, and giveaway spins for the next season.

This leaderboard is for the best of the best so it will be hard to get to the top but it’s very possible.

Weekly Leaderboard

The weekly leaderboard is more down-to-earth for all casual players. Each week there will be a different theme for example this week is all commons level 1.

This is a great twist as you get to choose where you spend your time battling. I can’t wait to see what is the next week’s challenge.

Here is a full tutorial to show you everything in action.

Cosmic Clash Strategy

When thinking strategy there is a lot to it with this game but to get start you want to put your hardest hitters first. The ships fire in the order they are placed so by doing a lot of damage at the start you can get lucky and take out one of their ships before they do it to you.

This will help a lot because once it’s 4 on 5 you have a real nice advantage.

Always use the boost when playing your first 5 free battles as it’s free! After that you can only use boost in a rematch which will cost a bit more but I think it’s worth it if you plan to battle again as every little bit will help.

Rarity of course will be important, the highest rarity card you have should be in position 1 unless it is more of a tank. It is a good idea to purchase cards that play off each other as well.

My fleet at the moment, turns into a swarm of ships when they die so it’s like I have an extra chance for each one. I’ll stick with this until I can update my cards higher. An epic would really work wonders.

As for the leaderboard my goal is top 25 as once you hit that you will get 2 packs for next season. That’s a great incentive to push ahead and stay towards the top.

There are a few heavy hitters on the leaderboard but the game is still young and because of this anything is possible. I’ll try and get in the top and hopefully get luck in future packs to improve my ranking.

Another idea may to go all missiles, this way you go right through everyone’s sheilds and do direct damage to their armor. If your whole fleet has just missiles then it’s like the enemy has no shields at all.

This can really cut players apart and it is something I am considering with my strategy. I plan to open a few more packs and then finalize my season 2 plans. Of course they will change each season.

Wrapping Up

Cosmic Clash is a really fun game that can be quickly played each day or you could watch the smiliations and relax to the battle ships blasting each other. I have just started playing this game but I’m already excited to see what the future holds, hopefully it will be me in the top 20.

If you are interested in Cosmic Clash you can play here. They also have an amazing Discord channel here.

Feel free to check it out, you won’t regret it.

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