Cup Robots

Cup Robots NFT Review

Cup Robots is an NFT collection that takes collecting to the next level. There are five rare robots and one epic human in this collection that can be blended on Nefty to create the legendary card OVerhaul.


This collection was created by Kevinsmak. You can access the Cup Robots website here.

It first started with Red the Robot, which is able to find “marked” bots throughout the solar systems. Reds is a very hard-to-get robot and has an amazing backstory, as do all the robots.

The story is a very important element in this collection as we wanted to make sure the NFTs came to life and could be relatable. This takes place in a world where humans have major problems like going extinct, and they created robots to help them survive.

If Red can find five of the marked bots and one willing human, they can combine to create a cyborg unit of protection which is also referred to as a CUP robot. OVerhaul above is an example of the first CUP robot.

To talk more about Cup Robots, check out the Discord channel in room Cup Chat.

If you want to see all the NFTs available and how they are amazingly animated, you can see the Cup Robot NFTs here for season 1. Next season expects more marked robots and a new human. Each human has a special talent that is passed onto the legendary cyborg when they unite together.

This season Cozma is the human, and she is the mechanic. This will be one of the best skills as she can repair and heal OVerhaul, and since it is one of the best, we wanted to make sure to include it early so the people that invest in the first season will have that ability.

Some people ask if this is a game. At the moment, it is not a game. We are creating it as it could be one in the future. If this is the case, Red the Robot and OVerhaul will play huge roles in it.

With Red the Robot only having a total of 60 copies, it will be pretty difficult to obtain.

Cozma will be a 10% drop in season 1, a 4% drop in season 2, and finally, a 1% drop in season 3. This still gives newer players a chance to obtain her but at a much lower drop rate.


OVerhaul will also have a very low chance to drop, the numbers are still being worked out, but you can expect up to 3 copies of him dropping in packs. The rest will need to be created.

The rare robots also have a max supply of 1,000. It is good to obtain these and save your doubles. In later seasons you will be able to blend older marked robots to make …well, let’s not give away everything at one time!

If you are interested in Cup Robots, now is a great time to prepare as the collection will be dropping as soon as the whitelist is confirmed, which is only days away. Here is where you can find the Cup Robot drops.

They will then be available on Automic Hub with the collection name CupRobotsCom.

Good luck trying to collect OVerhaul and help save humans from extinction!

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