Farsite Academy

Farsite Academy (Scholarship Program) Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Farsite is a game we have covered before, and it is getting to the time when everyone can play! Alpha is almost over, and beta is on the horizon. Let’s dive in and talk about what is coming!

Farsite Academy

Farsite Academy is a great way for new players to take some help from a more seasoned player and use their stuff! Yes, you heard that right! You can join an academy, and the owner can lend you a ship, for example, to go mining.

On that mining trip, some of the credits will go to the academy owner, which helps them expand even more ships, and you also earn some credits.

Credits in Farsite can be tough to obtain, so doing it this way could really help a lot. If you want to join a Farsite Academy, I have started one myself. I currently own 5 ships as the writing of this article and 3 planet sectors, 1 being extremely rare in the home world. I wrote an article about how to acquire Farsite Sectors, but nowadays they sell out very quickly!

Join Kevinsmak’s Academy

Starting An Academy

Yes, you can also start an academy. You will want to have spaceships to loan to players for your academy to be successful.

Participating in this scholarship program can really help you earn some extra money, of course, you have to be invested in the game to receive a decent return. Remember, people will probably go to an academy that has a decent amount of ships to ensure they can use them often.

Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits:

  • 2% of credits earned by pilots.
  • 5% of ETH spent by pilots.
  • ~70 of credits earned by pilots through academy ships.

Alpha will allow you to add your Ships to the Academy and assign Pilots to them to earn Credits. Each Ship will have its own revshare % and lowsec allowance policy.

This is a lot to take in, if you would instead like to join an academy feel free to check out my academy.

How Do You Find Pilots?

To find pilots to help in your academy, it’s best to share your link with others on social media so others can join you. Keep in mind not to spam it, only push it to places that you think people would be interested in it.

When Alpha comes along, the academy you run will be public. This is great as people will look for an academy with spaceships to lend to others.

They will be able to see how many pilots are in the program and how many spaceships can be loaned out.

Final Thoughts

Farsite Academy is an amazing way to get new players to the game with little investment. This means people can start out in the academy mode and save up, once they have enough credits, they will be able to purchase spaceships of their own.

If you want to join Farsite and explore more, you can sign up here. Once signed up, if you do want to join my academy would love to have ya. I also have a discord where we talk all about NFT gaming. You can join the Discord, and we have our own room for #Farsite.