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Fortnite Fix Ping Lag PC – 4 TIPS! BEST PING 2024

Issue: Fortnite Fix Ping Lag PC


Fortnite How To Fix Lag PC 2024 (Lower PING)! Increase connectivity when playing with friends from all over the world. Make sure no issues arise by following this guide. 

If you have any questions about ping or lag please let me know in the comments and I will try my best to help you out.  This will work for all consoles not just PC as these are general tips on how to fix low ping which is caused by several possibilities.  

This one focuses on issues with your DNS cache or connectivity if this sounds tough don’t worry I explain it so all will understand.

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    Fortnite Fix Ping Lag PC – 4 Tips! Best Ping 2024

    Playing Fortnite is fantastic, especially when you can connect to friends who are overseas. Most overseas connections experience a poor connection to the server, and it can delay the time a player reacts to an attack. 

    It would be best to have a good ping to counteract attacks in real-time and have a fighting chance of winning in Fortnite tournaments. A few tips can help you improve your ping and give you a better connection to servers. 

    All the steps in this article are something that you can do at home, and it will only take a few minutes to do it. Moreover, one of the steps will work and improve the strength of your ping.

    What is Ping?

    In simple language, a ping is a time it takes your router to communicate with the nearest server and provide feedback to your router. In an ideal world, a ping should take a few seconds so that you enjoy seamless streaming or real live action when you are playing Fortnite. 

    The more seconds it takes for a ping, the slower your connection will be. You must ensure that your pings’ turnaround time is a few seconds, especially if you are a team leader in the Fortnite championship. 

    Therefore, it is essential to use any Fortnite fix ping ideas to improve the reception that you have on your router. A VPN can help lower ping if the right one is chosen.

    The Best Way to Fix Fortnite Pings

    You can use four tips to fix pings and increase your performance when you are playing Fortnite. The items on the list start with the least complex idea to the most complex one. 

    You can use the tip that works best for your needs after reading through the article to identify your needs. Tips three and four are best for pings that are super slow or a router that is rarely cleaned of junk files.

    Tip 1: Use an Internet Cable

    A lot of pro gamers use Wi-Fi when playing Fortnite because it is easier to connect to it. It is time to switch out a Wi-Fi internet connection with an internet cable for better connectivity. 

    An Ethernet cable provides a more seamless connection when playing online than a Wi-Fi connection because it is attached to the router. Additionally, it will increase your pings’ strength and fix any downtimes that you may be experiencing. 

    You can enjoy better download speeds when you are updating Fortnite to access new features. You won’t regret switching out your Wi-Fi connection for an Ethernet cable.

    Tip 2: Server Settings in the Game

    Most Fortnite players do not know that you can change the server setting inside the game and choose a closer server. You will be able to see a ping’s strength when you select a server in the settings. 

    The idea is to select a server that gives you the best speed when you are gaming. Here is the procedure for selecting a new server. 

    • Go to the menu.
    • Select the settings option. 
    • Click on Game.
    • Choose Match Making. 
    • A display window will open, and you will be able to select different locations (servers).
    • Select a server and check the ping strength. 
    • Choose a location with the best ping. 

    This method is excellent for teams with players that are on different continents. It can help you choose a team leader by checking the servers with the best ping. 

    Therefore, the player in the location with the best ping should be the leader because they have the best response time.

    Tip 3: Clear Out Junk

    Routers tend to store data of the addresses that you visit, and that data can accumulate over time, causing a slow response. Using the command prompt option on your computer, you can clear out the junk in your router. 

    The trash in a router slows it down, just like opening multiple tabs in a browser slows it down. 

    • Go to the search area on the start menu and type in CMS (short for command prompt).
    • Click on the command prompt option. 
    • Type “IPconfig /flushDNS” and press enter. 
    • It will take a few seconds for the whole process to be over. 

    The process will reboot your router and provide you more speed when you are playing Fortnite. You can restart your computer after the reboot and check your ping to see whether there is a difference.

    Tip 4: Restart Your Router and Cable Modem

    People are consistently using the internet, and routers or modems are rarely turned off. It may lead to your modem and router missing out on essential updates and upgrades. 

    It is necessary to ensure that there isn’t anyone using the internet when you turn off everything. You can give everyone a timeline for when you will restart the devices so that no one is online at the time. 

    It would be best if you turn off both devices at the same time. Unplug both devices for 10-30 seconds before you turn them on. It will automatically reboot both devices, and the latest updates will be installed when the devices restart. 

    It would be best if you restarted your router and cable modem at least once a month to keep them working at full potential. It will help Fortnite fix ping lags and improve your speed levels.

    Tip 5: Software Enhancements

    Having special software that optimizes your internet routes and your computer can be a huge help, especially if you want to get competitive in gaming.  

    We have tested a lot of different software over my time and none has got even close to no ping.  No Ping helps maximize your frames per second so you can see more in the game while you are playing.  

    No Ping has a built in service that runs like a VPN and what it does is finds where the gaming servers are and create the fastest route to the server.  

    Not only that but it creates backups as well in case anything would happen that way you don’t have any connection issues.  If you are interested please check out No Ping and use this link for an extra 20% off (affiliate link).

    What Else Should You Do?

    It is imperative to restart your computer after using one of the procedures above to ensure that everything is working well. Do each process when you have time to complete it and restart your computer. 

    It would help if you could write down your starting ping for comparisons with the pings you have after trying Fortnite fix ping lags methods. It would be best to shut down any computer activities before trying any of the forms on this list. 

    You will relieve your router on any activities that require using the internet when fixing your ping lags.

    How Often Does It Work?

    All the procedures in this list do work to fix Fortnite ping lags, depending on your need. However, you have nothing to worry about if you are looking for a quick fix for ping lags. 

    Our tips have been used by many pro gamers looking to improve their internet connection and response time on Fortnite. It is a guarantee that one of the methods above will work and solve your problems. 

    You won’t need to buy extra hardware to boost your speed or increase your ping’s strength.

    What about My Provider?

    For starters, you need to have a reliable internet provider if you are a pro gamer. If your internet connection is terrible, it doesn’t matter what you try to fix ping lags. 

    If you are using some cheap internet provider that can’t handle the data from Fortnite, you should consider a premium option. A premium service provider will have a better choice for a pro gamer who wants to make it in the video gaming industry. 

    Upgrade your internet package to one that can handle the demands of your gaming needs.


    Anyone who is a pro gamer for Fortnite can perform all the tips above to without an expert’s assistance. They are DIY tips that will help you improve your ping strength and improve the speed of your connection for a better gaming experience. 

    A ping lag can cost you a tournament or be the death of you in Fortnite. You won’t have an edge if all your responses to attacks are slower than those of the enemy. 

    Overall, it is an excellent way to deal with all your Fortnite ping problems within a few minutes or spending any penny. If you can’t seem to fix it then it’s best to sign up for a VPN like NoPing – make sure to use code kevinsmak for 20% off after your free trial. 

    You will see that it is working first.

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