Krypton Quest NFT Mini-Boss Update

Krypton Quest NFT Game Adds Mini-Bosses

Krypton Quest has taken the NFT market on WAX for a ride! They keep moving in a direction that has not been seen before! If you are looking for a pay-to-earn game that will always be different and surprise you this is it.

The Game Improvements

Krypton started growing fast and with this happening needed to find ways to improve the game shortly after launch. They did this in a few ways:

  • Off-chain system – You can now move your coins into the game so every transaction doesn’t need to be signed on the blockchain.
  • Major bugs squashed – We identified the issues in the game and all of them have been taken care of.
  • Crafting system – You can collect materials and make a bunch of different things in the game like barracks or aliens.
  • Mini-Boss – Yes the Alien queen mini boss is coming, it is time to prepare for the fight.

Amazing Sale to Get Started

From Feb 14th – 28th, they will be doing an amazing sale! You can purchase 2 krypton packs and now you get a FREE mini-boss pack as well. Make sure to take advantage of this.

Mini-Boss Pack

The mini-boss pack can have a bunch of amazing items in it that will help fight against the Alien Queen! I can tell you all about it but why don’t I just show you one of the first of these boxes being opened.

In the mini-boss pack, you will also receive a lottery ticket which you can redeem for one of these giveaways Open for redemption on FEB 14 and FEB 21.

FEB 14 Prize List:
25 Gold Slave Alien
50 Gold Barrack

FEB 21 Prize List:
1 Diamond Robot
25 Gold Slave Alien
50 Gold Barrack

Krypton Continues To Grow

The game continues to grow and keeps on adding new players. You get to choose 1 of 3 factions when you join, we do talk about it in our original Krypton Quest review.

A lot of people have gone Titan so as those packs start running low we will see an increase in the other 2 factions which will continue to balance the game.

At this rate it can be one of the largest games on WAX, as the writing of this article it is ranked 6th and the game has only been out 5 weeks. I love the future this game is going to have and all the cool things they will offer.

I’m currently ranked 6th right now and adding more robots in my army all the time. If you are looking for a game to get into you can’t go wrong with checking this one out.

Wrapping Up

Krypton captured everyone early with its amazing-looking interface. They then delivered again with NFT’s that bring the robots to life. Next, they started mission 1 where we have to eliminate all the aliens on the planet so we can colonize it.

We just broke 800 million aliens left which means we have already removed 200 million. Soon we will be on to mission 2 where we start to transform our robots even further. If you have not started, I would check out Krypton Quest and pick yourself up some robots. While you are at it join us on Astraea faction!

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