Krypton Quest Review

Krypton Quest Dawn of Machine Review

Looking for the next play to earn mega game this is it! If you want to see some three different robot factions take out aliens to own the planet this is the blockchain game for you. The interface on this game is beyond its time and you will quickly be wanting to grow your robot army.

Krypton Quest was a game I stumbled on because I saw a robot on Automic Hub and I was just blown away by the NFT artwork and animation. I wanted the card just for how it looks and then I found out there was a game attached, I had to check it out.

I was able to purchase packs for Krypton Quest and as of the writing of this article, you can still purchase robot packs. Currently, Krypton Quest is ranked number 4 on the Wax network.

When you start this game you have to choose a faction. This is very crucial and will determine your team. There are three different factions and here is the first mission information if they win.

  • Team Titan – First 3 people get 2 lands, the next 94 Titan members get 1 land. Everyone else is out of luck.
  • Team Chaos – 100 people are randomly picked and given a land.
  • Team Astraea – Everyone shares the rewards of the 100 lands, no one is left behind.

There are also some benefits for Chaos they can make alien slaves with a 99% rate and team Astraea can make barracks with a 99% rate.

To play the game I actually have a full video tutorial that will show you exactly how to play and start winning mission 1.

Krypton Quest Minning Bot ROI – Return of Investment Rate

Krypton Quest there are two types of robots. Ones that mine and others that attack. They both can do the other’s job but it won’t be as efficient as if they did their own job.

Depending on what your goal is in this game you can have a return of investment quickly with mining robots. The higher the rarity the more cubes they can mine for you.

Keep in mind the more robot miners that come into the game will lower the number of cubes you can mine.

Robots do need to be filled back up with energy and you can also do this with the cubes. When more robots are added to the mining pool it will hurt the legendary miners the least and the common mining robots the most.

I did the math on the return of investment for the mining bots. It’s not exactly as the mining bots will be able to also mine Krypton when it is available. Now they are mining two different resources.

Here is a video talking about the ROI:

Krypton Quest Attack Bot ROI – Return of Investment Rate

Most people are currently sleeping on attack bots unless they are in Titan but attacking is important. If aliens come after your mining bots and you have attacking bots they can help protect them very easily.

Attack bots can also farm NFTs from these attacking aliens which are materials that you can use to build other things like barracks, alien slaves, or equipment.

In the near future, you will be able to use the mission score, which is earned by the attacker taking out the aliens. These skills were previewed and you can see them below.

When this update hits I’m sure you will see people move miners away and add to the attack pool. I personally think it’s best to be even and just add as many robots as you can.

There is a 10 robot limit but adding a barracks allows 4, 5, or 10 more robots depending if it is common, silver, or legendary.

Krypton Quest’s Future

This game is just getting started with Mission 1. They already have planned out and are working on missions 2 and 3. The game will transform but also so will your robots!

There are a good amount of packs being sold but once they are gone, that’s it, no more robots ever! You will however be able to evolve your robots with extra features in the future. If you want to know more about it check out the white paper here.

Final Thoughts

This is an amazing game and I would not want to miss out on it. The earlier you get in the easier it will be for you later down the line. The packs, aka capsules, cost $60 for 2 cards and a flag. Using the flag says you choose that faction.

If you want to join the one I am in it is Astraea and we could use some more solid gamers so we can win the whole thing and share our spoils. Of course do your own research, if you want to check out Krypton Quest click here.

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